Landlords – Are you Compliant with Current Regulations?

We often hear of Landlords managing their own properties for letting. All credit to them….if they do it properly that is.

Landlords, please remember that managing your Property Let is not only about maintaining your property in good order and ensuring the rent comes in on time, it is about Compliance. Do you know about the Deregulation Act 2015, Immigration Act 2016 /Right-to-Rent and the 150 or so other regulations relating to your Letting?

Top Hat spends thousands every year ensuring that we are kept informed (ignorance is not an excuse), trained and that a property that is a Managed Let through us, complies with current legislation.

Are you up to date?

Please let us know if we can help you sleep at night….

Day in the life of a Top Hat Agent

Not quite 007 but we are licenced to thrill. OK by thrill, we mean that our feedback and reviews show that we do thrill our Landlords and Tenants will our consistently high standard of professional service.

No day is the same – there is, of course, our day-to-day Property Management business with our tasks ranging from initial enquiries from prospective Landlords or Tenants to  home care emergencies.

Anyway, on to my day….

My morning is exciting as I’m checking Mark & Lucy into their new home.  Now, this has to be the best part  of my job as I get to appreciate the absolute delight of our Tenants as I hand them the keys to their new home.  A happy Tenant means that the letting process is much smoother and of course, Tenants should be happy with their home.

This is one area that Top Hat excels as we always pay attention to the details.  You remember that oven that made you wince just a little when you first saw the property? Well pop your sunglasses on before you look at it now! Oh and that shower cubical that could do with a bit of TLC – pop those glasses on again…TaDa!  Of course, this is your home and even the tidiest home will experience wear and tear is totally part of what is expected.

I get back in the car and am just about to start the engine when I get a phone call.  Oh no!  The Tenant at no 10 has reported a leak in their bathroom.  Don’t worry, I’ll get it sorted.  I call Andy – his wife has just had a baby and she loves her Top Hat flowers.  Even though Dave is a busy man, fortunately he can get to the property in the afternoon.  That makes it easier as now I don’t need to call Paul or Lee.  Before I set off, I type a quick email to the Tenant to pass on Dave’s instructions for the Tenant to turn the water off until he can get there – is this afternoon OK for Dave to come?  I’m sure it will be but I like the Tenant to confirm.

My next appointment is with a potential Landlord at her lovely property (she is going abroad for a 18 months).  It’s a lovely home but one or two tweaks would make it very let-able indeed; a new shower-head in the bathroom for example and a  few alterations to ensure  as a potential Landlord, she adheres to Regulations  I give a realistic idea of the monthly rent that she could achieve and that we have an exemplary reputation for letting properties  to the right  sort of Tenants quickly.

Back in the office,  I check my emails – the Tenant at no 10 is happy for Dave to let himself in and sort the leak.  That’s good!  I email Dave (always good to put things in writing).

I get out today’s to-do list….I have a  Tenant coming to the end of their Tenancy.  I send off an email to find out their intentions and give them instructions on how to proceed should they wish to renew their Tenancy (or if they are leaving).  I have another Tenant that has emailed us with his intention to stay for another 12 months.  I take my time to prepare his paperwork (there is a lot of it after all including all the legalities) and email it to him.  All ourTenants’ Deposits are protected with The Deposit Protection Scheme.

Andy comes through the door to collect the key for no 10 – he brings a few photos of the baby who is very cute!  I send him off with the key, full instructions, a cup of coffee in his insulated cup plus another job that my colleague has sorted.

We enjoy taking the time to get to know people, whoever they  are and we value the trusting relationships that we build, not just with our super Tenants and Landlords but also with the wonderful array of professional companies that we work with including building companies, electricians, plumbers,  cleaners, gardeners etc etc.  These good relationships help ensure that we get things done as quickly as possible and with an air of calmness and efficiently.  We really DO care.

A colleague tags me in on ARLA Propertymark’s new TV advert – it’s brilliant and very to the point.  I am so pleased Top Hat are members of this superb organisation ad adhere to their Code of Conduct.  Protection for all.

I update Rightmove and the Top Hat Website with a new property that has just come on – the photos look amazing but I take time to ensure that the information is also clear and concise.  Now, I think this property may attract the younger market so I use Twitter and Instagram to give it an extra boost.   I make a few calls, then check my emails, I have an enquiry already for the new property.  Is that a record?  It could be…but let’s see what happens.  The quickest turn around we have had for a property is 6 hours after all…

Towards the end of the day, I check our Facebook page for updates – wow, look at that!  The icing on the cake to my day is when I read two new reviews from a delighted Landlord and a very happy Tenants.

BLOG based on actual events. Please note, names have been changed to protect the innocent (& not so innocent)!